Tuesday, October 14, 2014

China's leading economic power in the world

Napoleon historically phrased there is more than two centuries, "When China awakes, the world will tremble."

Everyone waited, nobody believed: China is now the largest economy in the world!

The United States became the second economy in the world after dethroning the UK in 1872.

According to the International Monetary Fund the Chinese economy is worth 17.610 trillion dollars against 17.2 trillion dollars for the United States.

The IMF’s reports that the Chinese economy will be worth 27 trillion in 2019 it will be 20% more than the United States which will valued at 22.3 trillion dollars by that date.

Europe in 1900 was already surpassed by the United States, but she only realized this in 1945.

It is likely that the United States will be faster to realize the global economic and financial earthquake which has just taken place, than were their European counterparts.

We will soon witness a real debate on the new global challenges, future leaderships, monetary, financial and economic alliances in the world.

Prof. Olivier Chazoule